This post isn't intended to support "hack" a proprietary software, macOS and its priors. Use this in terms of learning of computer PC vs Mac. You might use this to refer your Hackintosh installation guide. If so, then it would be at your own risk.

-Thanks to Apple

First, I would like to tell you my PC specification. Read the following information carefully and do-not miss anything behind. I am not listing the full-information as I am not tech-geek which may cause some difficult implementation on your side.

Using hwinfo.exe

- Toshiba Satellite L510

- CPU : Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 (Penryn)
- Socket : mPGA478/mBGA479
- Mainboad chipset : Intel GM45(Cantiga GM)/CH9M
- RAM : 2GB at DDR2 SO-DIMM #dualChannel

The rest isn't important as you just need that information. Except if you wanna to convert your PC as Hackintosh then you need to care about all cards and so on. You need drivers (kexts in Mac terms) for those peripheral.

I have iATKOS ML2 downloaded from torrent directly to their website. Before, I was downloaded Niresh Mountain Lion with ISO extension then Mountain Lion ESD .DMG extension but remains failed to boot.

The ISO should be burned to USB with PowerISO where the DMG with TransMac. ISO based installation only could be accessed from Clover bootloader whereas DMG based installation should be accessed from Chameleon bootloader. iATKOS using DMG if you want to know.

1. Burn iATKOS ML2.dmg to a USB drive using TransMac. Tutorials available on Youtube.
2. Burn (Install) Chameleon bootloader to another USB drive (yes you need two USB drives). Tutorials available on Youtube.
3. Boot both USB then you'll see the Chameleon bootload. (It's just like Ubuntu-DualBootGrubMenu).
4. You (Actually me) need these bootflags : -v -x ncpi=0x3000 UseKernelCache=No USBBusFix=Yes EHCIhard=Yes PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No
5. If some problems occur then find your solution on community threads.
6. About bootflags, you maybe don't need some because of your hardware specs or need more. It maybe varies between PC even its identical.
7. All you need to understand is the BIOS settings. Once you understand about BIOS and UEFI, then everything is going to easy to you.
8. I am not install the iATKOS ML2 today but I will. I need to work with my Windows and going to search how to dual boot those different OS. (It's totally different!)

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